The Position And Empowerment Of The Armenian Woman



The image of woman seems completely reversed within the New Testament. Woman become worthy of God’s grace; the Son of God was incarnated via woman (Luke 1. 26-38). This event per se was a significant revolution in a society that was under the supremacy of the male intercourse.

In the life of radically and quickly altering societies, the place of women has often turn into an necessary factor giving rise to dissension and prompting protest and riot. In truth, conservative and radical, defensive and apologetic, conventional and fashionable approaches are sometimes in conflict. Characteristic within the literature of the church fathers, specifically, is the antithesis of the “new Eve” – the Mother of God, who brought life to the world by giving start to the world’s Savior – and the “old Eve,” who had brought demise to the world. It is essential to note that within the Holy Virgin Mary, the church wished to see not solely woman, as paragon of moral virtues and values, but also as mother standing by her Son and taking part in his struggling and joy.

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Reception House was run by Karen Jeppe, a former Danish missionary, who in 1921 was appointed to the League’s newly shaped Commission for the Protection of Women and Children within the Near East. It was set as much as get well Armenian women and children who had been forcibly “absorbed” into Turkish, Kurdish, and Bedouin households in the course of the genocide, and to reintegrate them into the Armenian neighborhood. Then we count on that they may topic themselves to reevaluation, with the dedication of undertaking their mission with greater duty and constancy. On the other hand too, it is our expectation that our church, all of the establishments operating in our life, our households and trustworthy additional deepen their remedy of Armenian women with love, respect and solicitude. Let us not forget that, with out the pivotal role performed by women, alongside men, our collective life will lose a lot of its vitality and high quality.

She stayed slightly longer than most—eighteen months—working in the stitching room to pay her way, before leaving in 1925 to marry an Armenian farmer in one of the agricultural colonies Jeppe had established to provide Armenians with the means to make a new life. In 1923, an Armenian carriage driver who was passing by way of informed Zumroot he would save her if she married him. She escaped with him to Rakka, but on their arrival, some Armenians advised her the man was in fact a Turk, not an Armenian. She fled the identical night time to an Armenian household, and was sent on to the League of Nations Reception House in Aleppo.

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Jeppe, however, felt that the surest foundation for nationwide reconstruction was to concentrate on those whose Armenian identity was strongest, and he or she didn’t differentiate between those with tattoos and those with out. Since her operations were fulfilling the commission’s objectives and were wholeheartedly supported by the Armenophile activists, who had been in any other case barraging the League with requires motion, the League administrators acquiesced. 2 There Zumroot joined roughly a hundred different women, girls, and boys. She attended Bible and Armenian language classes, and she or he was taught a commerce to be able to become self-supporting.

Woman grew to become a presence not only in the parables, miracles and teachings of Christ, but in addition in the redemptive mission of Christ via Holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Prompted by the particular respect they displayed toward women, Christ and then the Disciples rejected the male supremacy and feminine subordination, stressing the equality between man and woman. As Christians, we contemplate the Bible to be the foundation armenian girls of the truths, values and rules professed by us. Therefore, it’s essential to have the Bible as our level of departure when we talk about women. Indeed, the Bible asserts that Adam and Eve had been created in accordance with God’s picture and have been put by God underneath the obligation to collectively and equally multiply on this earth and rule over it (Genesis 1.27-28).

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b) Violence in opposition to women is progressively rising too, in various ways, through seen and invisible means, in families and establishments, in addition to the collective lifetime of society. This brutal habits by institutions and members of the male sex, generally, towards women, who’re devoid of the ability to defend themselves bodily, is severely condemnable by spiritual and moral requirements; it is also considered a criminal offense in certain societies. Even the least form of violence towards women, have to be eradicated from the lifetime of society. This is rightfully one of the major calls for of ladies’s actions. The ecumenical motion, as properly, has given particular significance to the position of girls in the lifetime of the church and society in general. Issues and challenges, issues and demands pertaining to women have, to all intents and functions, become dominant on the agendas of all societies, cultures, governments and also religions, to a greater or lesser extent.

This piece was printed at a time when the YWCA was looking for additional funds to broaden its work in the “emergency houses” (a term the association most well-liked to “rescue houses”), as NER sought to withdraw from that work. These two photographs have been additionally published around the same time on the entrance cover of and inside a YWCA booklet entitled The Aftermath, which sought to boost funds for its work within the Near East.

4) As far as participation is worried, the doorways which are closed to, and the positions which are unapproachable for, Armenian women in our group life must not exist. The mentality of considering sure positions specifically for men and others for ladies is not solely anachronistic but additionally, once again, does not correspond to Christian ideas. Why shouldn’t women who’re endowed with the identical gifts and qualities as men – and typically more so – assume accountable positions? It is necessary for Armenian women to take part, to the maximum extent, in not only women’s organizations but in addition the organizing and flourishing of our neighborhood life. This may be made possible by contemplating them as individuals capable of assuming positions and obligations on an equal basis with men.

Once the difficulty progressed from the ladies’s rescue to the question of their rehabilitation, their “historical past”—as signified by their tattoos—determined how the totally different humanitarian organizations and staff judged their ultimate viability as elements of the brand new nation. “Foreign Reconstruction,” Blue Triangle News, January sixteen, 1920, 2.

the fundraising rhetoric, “historical past” was not so easily disregarded, and the very trendy transformative claims of this humanitarianism remained unrealized. Instead, those engaged in humanitarian initiatives of nationwide reconstruction continued to exclude those they deemed threatening to their vision of national renewal.

Copy in YWCA of the usA. Records, box 337, folder 14, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, Mass. Near East Relief also incessantly used “before and after” pictures in its publicity materials presently—but of orphans and others merely labeled “refugees,” not of tattooed women and girls. seventy one On the opposite hand, as Lerna Ekmekçioğlu has shown, other members of the Turkish Armenian elite actively reincorporated these women as a result of, no matter their experiences, as women they have been an important useful resource for national rebirth. fifty nine As Hanne Schönig extra lately argued, these tattoos thus “mark the phases of life that accompany the transition from one social group to a different, from one state to another, from one occupation to a different,” stages that place women in a modified relationship to the male world. At roughly the identical time, in 1921, the League of Nations was responding to a battery of demands from Armenian and Armenophile activists to help launch the women and children still imprisoned in Muslim households. 20 But this was unimaginable for the tattooed women, whose troublesome history was indelibly written on their faces—which for most humanitarian organizations and workers anchored them elsewhere, outside the Armenian nation, as racial and cultural pariahs. These completely different responses were emblematic of the shifts in humanitarianism within the instant aftermath of World War I, and notably of the nationwide reconstructionist initiatives launched in its wake.

To date, scholarly work on the humanitarian efforts to recuperate Armenian women and children has been silent on the tattoos, together with Keith David Watenpaugh’s 2010 article on this journal, despite his focus on the rescue efforts of the League and Karen Jeppe. These two organizations, and their completely different constituencies of reduction workers, held various views on how nationwide reconstruction might greatest be achieved, however none besides Karen Jeppe and her backers might countenance the tattooed women as “fit” to be part of this national rejuvenation. For most missionaries working for NER, the ladies’s tattoos constituted a barrier to their reinclusion. Unlike the youngsters, who have been more easily reabsorbed, these women bore on their skin visible, permanent reminders of their “defilement” by non-Christian men. NER policymakers, too, focused on the orphans, as the more moldable and morally untainted “way forward for the race” .